Bioclimatic roof and pergola

Bioclimatic roof and pergola

The exterior of his home can become a living space if protected from the elements. The bioclimatic roofing meets this.

In case of rain, the blades can be completely closed and thus make the place watertight. If the sun shines, the open blades let the rays pass. Unlike a blind where heat builds up below, the swiveling blades allow air to circulate and to regulate at leisure the heat of the place.

Your terrace adapts to the weather and season.

  • Bioclimatic roof with adjustable blades

The essential


  • New
  • Any type of support


  • Motorization
  • Sensors
  • Remote control
  • Stores
  • Glass wall
  • Heating
  • Lighting


  • Variety of RAL colors
  • Aesthetic quality