Thinking about an ecological project

Recycling products?

Aluminum is a 95% recycled material and can be recycled to infinity.
The production of aluminum by recycling requires 95% less energy than its production from bauxite. A ton of recycled aluminum saves four tons of bauxite With no polluting waste, aluminum is in line with a sustainable development approach.

PVC ecological, is this possible?

Today a new generation PVC is making its appearance. With a constant concern to respect the environment, this Range of PVC no longer contains lead.

The management of thermo-coating?

In order to preserve the environment, a chromium-free coating is carried out. The production waste is recycled through a recycling line integrated in the lacquering plant.

Are composites recyclable?

The composite entrance doors, for example, are made of a very resistant material, based on fiberglass. It perfectly imitates the appearance of wood and requires no maintenance. It adapts, thanks to its natural appearance, to all classical decorative styles.

Definitions of RGE, RT 2012 and BBC

In the field of green economy and eco-labeling Recognized as a Guarantor of the Environment, EGR is a sign of quality for craftsmen and construction companies specializing in energy efficiency renovation works and / or The installation of equipment using renewable energies.

The French thermal regulation is that covering the thermal of buildings for new constructions in France. Its aim is to set a maximum limit for the energy consumption of new buildings for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, hot water production and lighting.

The term BBC house or low-energy building, understood as “energy”, refers to a building for which the energy consumption required to heat it and to air-condition it is notoriously diminished compared to standard dwellings.