General terms and conditions 

1°/ Object. This contract is for the purpose of taking the manufacturing measures by the meter and verifying the method of implementation chosen, if the installation is planned, the supply and installation of the object of the order, Is provided for in the quotation. Any additional work is invoiced on estimate.

2°/ Our intervention do not include : – Work which would be caused by a support in poor condition or which would contain a difficulty not detectable when drawing up the estimate. – Non-predictable and non-routine plating or masonry work occurring, for example, during the removal of a window frame. – Removing and installing curtains, curtains, accessories, decorative rods or wooden cladding surrounding the window. – Paint connections. – The possible filling and painting of the traces left by the removal of the hinges and the strikes.

Any subsequent modification to the signature of the present quote at the initiative of the customer could have the effect of extending the time originally planned and result in an additional billing, without the client being able to see a non-respect of the conditions of the order.

3°/ Commitment of customers. Any order can be checked by a meter. Accordingly, the customer agrees that a surveyor will go to his home and agrees to respect the dates agreed with him for:at. Verification of measurements by the surveyor if the installation is planned.b. Delivery and installation of the chassis if provided.If this quotation is based on the measures provided by the customer, the client assumes full responsibility. Any subsequent modification of the order following the verification of the ratings by our technicians can not therefore cause the cancellation of the order.The installation of the windows without removing the existing frame necessarily leads to a slight reduction in the glazing area that the customer agrees to accept.If the work requires an authorization (such as a building permit, authorization of co-ownership, etc.), the client will do the job. The customer is solely responsible for obtaining this authorization. At the time of signing the order, the customer agrees to state explicitly that he intends to finance immediately or subsequently all or part of the price of his purchase for a credit or loan and to verify that this condition has been specified On the front and terms of payment.

4°/ Membership.Company’s note is only committed by the terms and conditions expressed in writing on the front of this document and of which the customer has made sure beforehand to his signature that they correspond well to what was announced verbally to him.The quotes or order negotiated by our agents can only hire our company after acceptance by note management. In case of cancellation, this will be notified to the customer within five days after the passage of the meter.

5°/ Validity : The present price offer, which is valid before the customer accepts it (which transforms it into an order) to a period of validity (see delay on the front), from the date of the signature of the consultant unless express agreement.

6°/ Modifications : Any subsequent modification to the signature of the present quote at the initiative of the customer could have the effect of extending the time originally planned and result in an additional billing, without the client being able to see a non-respect of the conditions of the order. 

7°/ Cancellation fees : When the customer asks to cancel the order when it is deemed to be firm and definitive under the law, the company reserves the right to request payment of compensation corresponding to the damage.The installments already paid will thus be deducted from competition and eventually completed.

8°/ Time : Since our goods are mostly made to measure, our lead times are dependent on our suppliers and are therefore only given as an indication.Unless expressly waived by the management, our deadline only begins when the file is complete: deposit paid, meter passed check the ratings if the service includes the installation or at the request of the client, financing accepted by the Financial institution, etc.Delays due to events beyond your control (illness, accidents, strikes, force majeure, etc.) can not result in the termination of the order.Moreover, due to the intervention of other companies, or bodies of state, our intervention was delayed, this could not be the cause of cancellation or a claim of indemnity on the part of the customer.

9°/ Deferral of the start of work.If, on his own initiative, the customer requests a postponement of the start of work or delivery, the company may demand that the amount of the order price be paid to him on the date originally scheduled for delivery Decreased, where applicable, by the amount of the cost, the installation.In addition, the costs of a new delivery, storage and handling, may be charged to him in addition.

10°/ Amounts paid in advance

Since most of our works are custom-made, the counter-marks are not interest-bearing and are not subject to the provisions of the Act of 5 December 1951. It is clearly Payments are to be considered as advance payments and not as a deposit.

11°/ Installments: Except as specified on the front of this specification, in the case of total financing, any order can not be considered valid by the company unless it has been the subject of an advance payment of at least 40% Of the amount of the estimate. This will be paid to the order, except for the application of the law of 22 December 1972 for sale at home. Any delay in the settlement of the deposit would defer the order and therefore the delivery time, which the customer would not be able to avail.

12°/ Reservation of title: The products constituting the order remain the property of the company until the complement of the goods. However, the risks are transferred to the delivery, the merchandise is then submitted in the custody and the responsibility of the buyer.

13°/ Ownership of estimates and plans : The company retains full intellectual and artistic property of its projects, including the plans it has made on behalf of the client. Any communication of the estimate or plans thus drawn up to another professional, in particular a competitor, entails, without prior written agreement, liability for fault of the customer. Moreover, it retains the right and the image of its achievements.

14°/ Guarantees : The company has ten-year warranty and professional liability insurance. Our goods also benefit from the guarantee of hidden defects defined in article 1641 and following of the civil code.

15°/ Facilities : The buyer shall place at the disposal of the undertaking the places of work protected and free from any obstacle in order to facilitate the work of the undertaking and to avoid any degradation of the furniture and articles securing it.

16°/ Complaints : It is the buyer’s responsibility to notify the company by letter with acknowledgment of receipt in case of discrepancies. It should leave the company with all the facilities necessary to establish the anomalies and their repairs.

17°/ Payments : Any delay in payment in relation to the conditions stipulated on the front side implies payment by the customer of a penalty of 10% of the invoiced amount of the invoice and the application of a contractual interest of 1% per month of delay .In the event of litigation recovery, the expenses incurred by the company will be borne by the buyer.

Preliminary provisions relating to general conditions of sale

We draw your attention to the fact that this type of sale is subject to the provisions of Law No. 72-1137 December 1972 and the Consumer Code.

ArtL.121-23. The operations referred to in article L. 121-21 must be the subject of a contract of which a copy must be given to the customer at the time of the conclusion of this contract and include, on penalty of nullity , The following:1 ° Names of the supplier and the direct seller;2 ° Address of the supplier;3 ° Address of the place of conclusion of the contract;4 ° Accurate designation of the nature and characteristics of the offered goods or services;5 ° Conditions for the execution of the contract, in particular the terms and time of delivery of the goods, or the performance of services;6 ° Total price to be paid and terms of payment; In the case of an installment sale or sale on credit, the forms required by the regulation on credit sales, as well as the nominal rate of interest and the total effective rate of interest determined under the conditions set out in sub- Article L. 313-1;(7) The right of renunciation provided for in Article L. 121-25, as well as the conditions for the exercise of this right and, in an apparent manner, the full text of Articles L. 121-23, L. 121-24, L 121-25 and L. 121-26.Article L121-24 The contract referred to in Article L. 121-23 must include a detachable form designed to facilitate the exercise of the right of renunciation under the conditions laid down in Article L. 121-25. A decree in Conseil d’Etat will specify the particulars to appear on this form. This contract shall not contain any clause conferring jurisdiction. All copies of the contract must be signed and dated by the client’s own hand.Article L121-25 Within seven days, including public holidays, from the date of the order or the purchase agreement, the customer has the option to waive it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If this period normally expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended to the next working day.Any clause of the contract by which the customer relinquishes his right to waive his order or commitment to purchase is null and void.This Article shall not apply to contracts concluded under the conditions laid down in Article L. 121-27.

Article L121-26 Before the expiry of the cooling-off period provided for in Article L121-25 no one may require or obtain from the customer, directly or indirectly, in any capacity or form whatsoever, any consideration or commitment or The provision of services of any kind whatsoeverit would be.