The closing of the building, a craft.

The soul of our profession is to accompany you in your project of improvement, renovation, construction of your living space.

ACL Menuiserie is registered as a continuation of a qualified installer experience of more than 15 years.

This experience we put at your service.

Listen, understand and study with you what you have imagined and transform it into a concrete realization faithful to your expectations.

History of ACL Menuiserie

The thirst for entrepreneurship through a manual craft was the driving force behind this trend towards closure of the building 20 years ago.

Our company is above all family.

Two technical and sales brothers and installer, joined by one of the sons, installer and a collaborator, commercial and in charge of the logistics of the establishment.

We strongly defend the values ​​of craftsmanship; Proximity and sharing with the client, care taken in the study and realization of a project, satisfaction and pride in its realization.

Our restructuring dates from 2014.

ACL Menuiserie, quality guarantee

  • 1 year after-sales service : During the year following your installation, we move for any necessary installation-related intervention
  • 2 years parts : Most of our products have a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, some have a 5 year warranty.
  • 10 years decennial :  Our decennial guarantee will ensure the repair of the damages that occur after the reception of the works. Note that all the components of a window, for example, are not covered in the same way. The hardware is guaranteed for 2 years while the panes and panels are guaranteed for 10 years. Of course, the warranty applies only in the case of nomal use if you have followed the recommended maintenance instructions.

Our certifications